Origin: Germany
Genre: Heavy Metal

Veritates is a german band project that were created by musicians Tom Winter, who is also the songwriter, and Andreas von Lipinski (Vocals – Wolfen) in 2018. They also won over Jörg Belstler and Marcus Kniep, who is also the drummer for Grave Digger.

Veritates plays traditional heavy metal that can be described as a mix of Blind Guardian, Kamelot and Iced Earth. These are known for crisp speed, concentrated power and rousing songs that make every metal fan throw his fists in the air.


Andreas V. Lipinski | Vocals
Tom Winter | guitar
Frank Noras | guitar
Jörg Belstler | bass
Markus Kniep | drums


  • Killing Time | 2020

Veritates released their first longplayer “Killing Time” on 02.01.2020. Their debut album has seven songs and was released as LP by Doc Gator Records and as CD by Pure Steel Records. In addition, “Killing Time” is available as a digital version at Bandcamp. The debut album achieved consistently very good reviews from the trade press and was celebrated by metalheads from all over the world. For “Killing Time” they were able to engage guitarist Shasank Venkat, known from label mates “Against Evil”, as a guest musician and Wolfens guitarist Andi “The Wicked” Dötsch can also be heard on solo guitar on the album. Other guest musicians were Mario Stracuzzi, Andreas Lützeschwab, V.O. Pulver (Gurd/Poltergeist) and Niclas Stappert. On vocals, André Grieder (Poltergeist) and Logan Lexi (Reinforcer) also contribute.

Reviews: Killing Time

Time for Metal – 8,6 out of 10 points

Appealing heavy metal/power metal album by the band Veritates, which is actually just a project. If you like Metal in the style of Iced Earth or with nuances à la Blind Guardian and the old Kamelot, Killing Time by Veritates is just right for you. The musicians know their craft and have here with the help of excellent guest musicians their ideas appealingly implemented. For collectors the vinyl should be in first place.


Soundmagnet – 9 out of 10 points

It would have been a shame indeed if the songs had been left to gather dust in a drawer. Fortunately Tom found the right comrades-in-arms to realize his song ideas. If you like honest, trendless metal with a long-lasting effect, you should definitely grab this one. The album will be released on CD by Pure Steel Records, while Doc Gator Records will delight the vinyl friends with a high-quality. I am looking forward to both versions and give 9/10 for this successful debut, which will hopefully be seen on the stages of this republic.


Saitenkult – 9 of 10 points

With their mix of Blind Guardian with better sound and more stringent songs, Jag Panzer and Iced Earth they should, I’m sure, find more than one open ear with many fans of traditional sounds. And I wouldn’t be surprised if a project would become a real band, properly, with rehearsals and concerts. The year 2020 has not even really begun, already a first veritable (the word just had to be) highlight is coming up. Fact is, 9 thick, but not overloaded points are due from my side.


Rock Castle Franken – 8 of 10 points

(…) this album is a real listener in terms of epic (power)metal. Also fans of Iced Earth, Iron Maiden and of course Wolfen can grab Veritates without hesitation.


RockHard 7.0 points

Power Metal without clichés is promised by the band and they stick to it.


Obliveon – 8,5 von 10 Punkten

No matter where the needle of the pickup hits the grooves of this disc, it is simply a pleasure to listen to the sounds of VERITATES, be it on the semi-ballad ‘Awakening’, the neckbreaker ‘Past Is Dead’ or the Mike Oldfield cover ‘Discovery’. Yes, you read correctly. The album will be released on vinyl and will be available from January on the Swiss label Doc Gator Records.






Killing Time (Official Lyric Video)

Veritates – Awakening (Official Lyric Video)

The Past Is Dead (Official Lyric Video)