Veritates – Killing Time

Label: Doc Gator Records

Catalognumber: DGR009

Release Date: Januar 2020

Songs: 8

Genre: Heavy Metal

In the fall of 2018 Andreas von Lipinski, singer of the metal band Wolfen and

Tom Winter, former guitarist of a local metal band, decided to start a project together.

Tom Winter could play his old companion Jörg Belstler as bassist,

and Andreas von Lipinski won Marcus Kniep, the drummer of Grave Digger for the project.

Between November 2018 and May 2019 an album with cliché free, partly melancholic heavy metal was created.

The pounding riffs and quiet guitar parts of Tom Winter meet here on clear metal vocals with enthralling melodylines by Andreas von Lipinski, which can also convince in the quieter passages on full line.

The lyrics and the music complement each other perfectly.

The seven original compositions and a Mike Oldfield cover, Discovery, have been refined by numerous guest musicians.
Mario Stracuzzi – Solo-Guitar on Awakening

Andreas Lützeschwab – Solo-Guitar on Hangmen also die and Discovery

V.O. Pulver (Gurd/Poltergeist) – Solo-Guitar on Hasta la muerte

André Grieder (Poltergeist) – Lead-Vocals on Hasta la muerte

Shasank Venkat (Against Evil) – Solo-Guitar on Killing Time

Andreas Doetsch (Wolfen) – Solo-Guitar on The past is dead and Jerusalem Syndrome

Niclas Stappert (Reinforcer) – Solo-Guitar on The wild hunt

Logan Lexi (Reinforcer) – Lead-Vocals on The wild hunt

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