Ghosther – Through Fire (Special Edition Vinyl)


Label: Doc Gator Records

Catalognumber: DGR008

Release Date: Januar 2020

Songs: 10

Genre: Alternative Metal / Modern Hardrock


Rock / pop / alternative… And so much METAL: Those are the ingredients GHOSTHER use to conjure a sound that will dash from your ear directly into the long-term-memory, prickle under your skin, move into your legs, butt and head and come out of the mouth: Impossible to resist singing along when front lady Jenny picks up the microphone!! After all, the concerts of the Rhineland-based four-piece are one thing more than any other: Legendary parties. And it’s not hard to explain, why: The heart’s blood and the pure lust for making music, the quartet is so obviously enjoying onstage, light a spark that quickly evolves to fully grown fireworks, setting the audience on fire. You just have to witness it!

Hardly surprising that with “THROUGH FIRE” GHOSTHER present a smoking hot debut album as well!! Starting with the thrashy opener “Breathing”, to the hymnic rock earworm “The Bitterend”, the sensitive “Lighthouse” or the mosh-along-track “Hand 2 Heart” all the way to the final titeltrack “Through Fire”, the ten songs are glowing with groove, powerful riffs and energy. Above all, front singer Jenny’s strong vocals, at times effectively contrasted by growled accents coming from guitarist Andy’s throat, drive this explosive mixture of contemporary metal-, edgy alternative- and catchy pop-elements to the boiling point. It shall not remain unmentioned, that no less a figure than Aljoscha Sieg (Pitchback Studios, Eskimo Callboy, Annisokay, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Any Given Day) accounts for the record’s forceful production. To sum it up: This album is a volcano. And GHOSTHER will walk you through the fire!

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